Assay Development

Future Diagnostics offers assay development for automated systems, point-of-care (POC) devices, and for microtiter plates. We have established a series of documented procedures that guide every assay development program initiated in our laboratories. 

Future Diagnostics follows strict regulations and documentation procedures to ensure that its project teams maintain the highest quality standards.
At Future Diagnostics, an assay development project starts with registering the customer's expectations, the financial aspects and the co-operation between Future Diagnostics and the customer.

Each phase of development must be reviewed before  a project can be advanced to the next phase. We test the feasibility of each assay through controlled experiments. Pilot lots of new assay reagents will be produced so that our customers can perform clinical tests on their platforms. Future Diagnostics will produce bench lots, lab lots for verification and validation lots for validation. Upon successful completion and approval of an assay development project,  Future Diagnostics will formally transfer the assay to its customer.



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